Heatwave means it's time to make rain
Our theme for 3Dami 2022 was "days of thunder" (song, not film) and, unsurprisingly, the students included rain in their films, so I made a quick walkthrough during the event. That was of course focused on Eevee, for reasons of rendering speed, but afterwards I wanted to do something a bit more photo realistic so switched to Cycles with motion blur enabled and the velocity attribute set, to see how that would work (it does!).

Anyway, we had a second heat wave (thank you Shell and all the rest of the lying scumbag polluters) so I worked up the result into a complete image:

Toads are just weird; whatever you do a large one ends up looking like a Doctor Who villain. Probably not a compliment to the species. Anyway, tweeted about it as I quite like this one. It just stares into your blackened soul with such intensity. Other than the rain this is all pretty basic though; most of the effort that went into this was about making things look really, really wet, which is just a matter of thinking in terms of layers.