.ply Import/Export
The .ply import/export scripts that come with Blender are somewhat limited, and in desperate need of replacement. Preferably such that they are considerably faster, as loading a large ply file with the current scripts is a tea break experience. Anyway, I needed to be able to open files from a Cyberware head scanner, so I hacked the current files up such that it would work. (This was also necessary for use with Cyclops.)

Anyway, for people who want these files they can be downloaded here:
Import script.
Export script.

I've provided the export script with a minor change, to make blender saved ply files compatible with the standard that exists - they won't load in any other programs otherwise. I haven't changed the stupid st rather than uv choice however, so don't expect uv coordinates to come up in other programs.

I'm not going to submit these back to the source itself - it needs a re-write, not a minor patch. I might do that myself, but time is as limited as ever, so its a question of if I do it first or someone else does.