64 bit Panda 3D .deb
Note: Since this post I've done the same thing to panda 1.5.0, the deb for gutsy gibbon of which may be found here. This time the changes should make it into the cvs repository, so in the future 64 bit users should be able to compile it themselves. I might continue to provide .deb files if the panda site does not however.

Panda 3D is a rather nice game making tool I use, mostly for messing around. Problem is there is no 64 bit version, nor has anyone converted it. (They are about half way between being an open source project and a closed source one. Its a bit strange, source is available, but under a silly license. More critically they don't have the OS development spirit - there might as well be a wall between the community and the developers. Still a dam good piece of software, just needs to have its wings fully unpinned.)

Anyway, moving on from the start of a good rant, having a 64 bit machine as my only real computer for using Blender left my own wings a touch pinned, so I did the 'port' myself. First thing to be clear of is that my port is a hack, several of the methods I used are the wrong approach, taken for speed/convenience. I also had to kill sound, as porting that was beyond my goals and was going to be (more) time consuming.

Some notes about using this:
- It was compiled on Ubuntu Feisty Fox x64 bit, I have no idea if it will work on any other distros.
- No sound. Other than that I think its all there, at least I tested it and it appears to work fine.
- I didn't touch the packaging script, and it still thinks its a 32 bit package when it in fact contains 64 bit code. Simply install with something like
sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture panda3d_1.3.2_x86_64.deb
- I kept a log of the changes I made, which might help someone on the other side of that wall do a proper job of the port some day, obtain it here.
- If you want the source or it doesn't work feel free to e-mail me. I make no promises with regards to helping though, its a complex application and my understanding is only skin deep.
- I had already removed 'dcraw' with Symantec, I expect you will need to do the same though haven't tested that.
- Just to be clear it is a proper installation. After installing a simple 'python my_game.py' should suffice. If it doesn't work either your game is a dud or the install is! You will note a warning about class BitMask_ ... Ignore it, I don\'t think it will cause any problems:-)

The .deb file may be downloaded here.