A couple years ago, in a city a fair distance away I made an entry for pyweek 8. It was based on the subject of kettling (Trapping protesters in an area, and often not allowing them to leave.) - it was entered and nobody liked it, so I basically forgot about it. Anyway, it recently came up twice:

1) An article in edge made a comment that someone should make a game on this subject. Well, I already did;-)

2) A friend wanted to make a game about the recent riots in London, so I mentioned this to him.

As the above friend then wanted to have a go, and couldn't get my original entry to work I uploaded it to the internet so it can be played in a web browser.

Its not much fun, and good luck figuring out how to win (You can, of that I assure you.) but you can play it at To make it work you need the panda3d web runtime, which can be obtained from Note that you will have to accept my certificate - for some reason on Linux it comes up as garbage, and even the buttons are screwy - no idea why.

A few notes: If you only have a left mouse button you can simulate a right mouse button by holding down shift. To win you need to observe that the protesters are really, really stupid. When working with lines of policemen it helps if they are a few deep - makes them less porous when pushing protesters around.

This joins Naith, a first person shooter I made with some people a while back to demo Panda 3D - it never got very far, but its still of some interest, and responsible for a large number of this websites visitors.