3Dami 2014
So, my website has been rather quiet of late - there will hopefully be updates soon, and I am in fact sitting on a rather large pile of code that needs releasing. Just don't have the time to get it ready etc! Saying that hopefully a paper will be published soon, forcing me to actually release most of it, as its a large system type paper, that has a pile of dependencies as long as an elephants trunk.

Regardless, another year, another 3Dami. Head over to 3dami.org for all of the juicy details, but we had three teams that created the below films. We are starting to figure out how to run these events now and we had four helpers, so it went much better than previous years, plus some research occurred (details here) and we had some great visits involving Framestore, Rare and Molinare.

Here is the premiere intro / making of video:

And here are the student films: