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Written by Tom SF Haines   
Tuesday, 26 June 2007
My facebook page: Not much use unless your 'friends' with me, but I might as well create the tightest link nest around my name that I can.

Google+: Same as facebook - your not going to see much unless I know you.

Google Scholer page - has a list of my publications and how often I am cited. Was somewhat surprised at how well I was doing the first time I saw this:

I also have a linked-in page, though you would be better off reading my CV from the menu:

I have a deviant art page, though its almost empty:

Google project page that contains code for all my post-PhD research:

Google project page that contains the source code generated for my PhD (inc. Cyclops): The thesis itself can be downloaded here.

My PyWeek 8 entry:

Naith, an incomplete fps of my creation (With some help from others.):

I maintained the exporter, Chicken, that takes 3D models from Blender to Panda. For versions of Blender prior to 2.50 - no longer maintained as Collada is now the preferred method.

Organisation that runs a summer school on 3D animation, that I help run:

My brothers website:

Free 3D modelling tool I use:

Game development API I play with:

My Linux distro of choice: I actually run xubuntu, as I can't stand unity.

The websites of some friends - both happen to be running on the same server as this website:

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